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Stop The Fight With A Hard Bite!

Use An Ozark Kelpie Cowdog!

We are located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. We want our dogs to gather cattle, hold them, and have enough power and bite to pen them. We want our dogs to go to a cow's head more than its heels. Our dogs must go to the cow's head and/or front leg. We feel very strongly about bite. We will not sell a dog that does not have a strong bite. Satisfaction is our priority! We have dogs that will head and heel. Also, we carry dogs that are 100% head.

Our dogs are directly from Roy Cox's line of dogs. In our opinion, Roy's training and knowledge of genetics are among the best. In our breeding program we strive for the very best and hope to produce solid Ranch Dogs. We breed for bite, herding ability, and a sound mind. In that order of importance. In our opinion, a dog has to have bite to be able to control cattle. Cattle have to know that a dog will bite and bite hard, then they will respect him.

We sell started Cow Dogs that are currently working cattle. We also sell a few pups out of our best females. These are not Sheep Dogs and are not started on sheep or goats. We have a great respect for the dog that has earned the title "Cow Dog" because he has made it into an elite club and has earned it. He is a loyal friend and the best employee on the ranch. If you want a dog to dress up and lead around in a parade, don't call us because we raise Cow Dogs! Our dogs are judged by their ability, not size or color.

Eddie Sharp
Pocahontas Arkansas
870 647-2041